Our mobile addiction in one chart

Late last month, that annual internet trends study you should probably read published its 2015 edition.

The internet reacted, as usual, with a flurry of shares and think-pieces. But amid the chaos, one slide stood out to me more than others. It was a simple slide that listed characteristics of mobile/social communication. And it dawned on me, of course we’re addicted to these things.

why people love mobile devices, illustrated in a single chart [Read more…]

People don’t buy a product, they buy an emotional experience

Million dollar lottery ticket

What are you really marketing?

If you listen to the oddsmakers, you’re more likely to become President of the United States, date a supermodel, or become a saint than you are to win the lottery. Yet Americans spend about $78 billion annually on lottery tickets.

As an investment, it’s one of the least logical decisions you could possibly make. But we keep playing our lucky numbers. [Read more…]

The Internet is basically a sharpened stick

The internet is a sharpened stick

We’ve got a lot more in common with our cave-painting ancestors than we might think.

Though we like to feel like we’ve evolved tremendously in the past quarter million years or so, our needs, wants and actions (aside from showering and Tweeting) are fundamentally similar.

We need food, water and shelter. We crave companionship. We seek acceptance from our peers. And we look for ways to make things more convenient when achieving all of the above. Technology – whether it be the advent of the sharpened stick or the proliferation of high-speed Internet – is the chief enabler. [Read more…]